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2 May

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Faceovers.com is my on-line store for skin care/cosmetics and is open 24/7 Just click on the photo and a new page will open… (no one will follow you so take your time and look around.  Please contact us with  questions about the site or our products and we promise to answer as soon as possible (immediately between 10 & 4). You’ll also find links to Facebook and Twitter on my home page so when you’re ready just one click will take you there to read or add comments.


BreakByTheLake.com is our rental cottage on Chautauqua Lake and the site has an up to date availability calendar plus photos and details about rates.  When you stay there, you can watch a beautiful sunrise s from the lakefront or the enclosed porch so if you’d enjoy an inexpensive get away in Western New York ..look no further.  We have portable ramps for a wheel-chair and hand rails at both outside stairways for those with limited mobility so all are welcome to come and enjoy our one-story, mosquito-free rustic cottage.


Disability Awareness

About 15 years ago, my diagnosis confirmed my lifelong suspicion that I had a neuro disease that I knew could turn my life upside down at any moment.  It appeared that I had inherited the ’familial’ form of cerebellar degeneration from my father.  So began a journey that re-shaped mine and my loved ones’ lives forever…or at least until a treatment is found.  There are no tests to definitively tell me what is wrong so my neurologist has to rely on family history , his trained eyes and tests to rule out other causes.  Like many diseases, its course is unpredictable so we deal with each symptom as it arises.  I prefer nutraceuticals to pharmaceuticals and choose a holistic approach to treatment…diet, stress management and vigilance.

My disability awareness coach calls it ‘self-care’That makes sense because it is necessary to make your health & well-being a priority in order to slow the deterioration ( similar to that of MS and Parkinson’s Disease).  My background in finance taught me to follow the money.  I think that’s smart so, that’s what I’m doing.  A lot of money is spent on Parkinson’s Disease these days  and  seems to hold the most hope for new treatments and quality of life products.  So, when I’m not reading, writing or attending a function for my grandchildren, I’m usually researching ways to improve my life or increase my awareness of other disabilities.